Compliment Slips are a slip of paper that contains the same name and address information that would be on a letterhead of formal letter stationery, the pre-printed salutation "with compliments" or "with our/my compliments", and space afterwards for a short handwritten message to be added, compliment slips are used in correspondence, or additionally as enclosures for other material.

Compliments slips, which are informal, can sometimes substitute for more formal letters of reply.  For example, the response to a request for a product catalogue or a price list may simply be the price list or catalogue, with a compliments slip attached, rather than with a formal letter of reply.  The inclusion of compliments slips in responses to such routine requests is often seen by businesses as a necessary step in maintaining good public relations.

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Our compliment slips are printed using our four colour process onto a nice quality silk or uncoated finished paper stock, stocks to choose from vary between 90gsm and 120gsm

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